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EDUC-5105 Porfolio


Portfolio Item #2: 
Checklist on Self-Evaluating Performance When Teaching and Learning Occurs Online


   While the focus remains on the student and their learning, teaching online can requires educators to move into a role as a facilitator. Taking on this role as a facilitator requires every educator to look at how we effectively self-evaluate our performance in an often new, and daunting, position.  In our unit 4 discussion forum, I took on the task of creating a checklist which was developed from a review of learner posts in topics 1 and 2. This included citations from students discussions and articles they discussed in topic 1 and discussions on article selections in topic 2. I decided to divide up the criteria in the checklist into four parts: 1) Instructional Design, 2) Technology, 3) Student Learning and Assessment, 4) Facilitator.


Summary of Unit 4 - Topics 1 & 2


     Teaching online can mean an educator moves from "center-stage" to the person who facilitates learning to students they may never see. A study by Redmond (2011)  found that instructors moved from initial resistance to teaching online to an approach that "is mindful of the student experience and promotes a dialogical approach to online learning" (p. 1050).  Taking a facilitator role means that "learners become more involved in the direction of their own learning, and so the facilitator must work hard to keep the 'flow' on track" (O'Neill, 2023). This new role requires educators to consider a vast number of technologies available to them, to think about new ways to engage students, and to consider how to adapt their pedagogical practices to an online learning environment.  This checklist contains criteria brought up during discussions.  There are many other criteria that could be included, or some that could be excluded, in this list, but it provides a start for thinking about how to self-evaluate when learning occurs online. 



     Redmond, P. (2011, January). From face-to-face teaching to online teaching: Pedagogical transitions. In Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE 2011). University of Southern Queensland.


     O’Neill, L. (2023). Unit 2: Establishing meaningful, memorable and motivational Contexts. [Lecture notes]. Cape Breton University.



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