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EDUC-5105 Porfolio


Portfolio Item #4: 
Creating a Dataset From Discussion Summary


     I volunteered to try my hand at harvesting data from our unit 3 class discussions.  This involved harvesting and summarising discussions. The first step was to extract information from conversations and put them into an MS Excel file.  The information that was harvested included discussion topic, number of responses, names of discussion starters, a summary including participants, tools suggested, and themes. The next step required me to bring together the harvested information into an executive summary to provide to the professor and the other students.  However, I also used Chat GPT, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) generator, to create another summary by giving it the information from my harvested dataset and tweaking it to create a response that I could be satisfied with.


Harvesting Excel File

My Summary vs. Chat GPT


     I have used MS Excel before, but harvesting information from discussions was a new skill to learn. I actually quite enjoyed it, and it was interesting to see the information that I missed when I was initially posting and responding to the discussions in our unit. It also gave me the opportunity to look for common themes, issues, and problem areas that did not have much of a discussion.

     Using Chat GPT was also quite the experience, as it required me to tweak the parameters to have it create a summary of the students' responses in a way that I could feel it did a good job. Although AI is still in its infancy, I can see this technology having a massive impact on education and work in the very near future.  I do not believe, personally or professionally, that we should fear advances in AI.  I remember when I was in my first undergraduate degree trying to find books and journals, and can compare it to what we have now. We literally have the world at our fingertips, or at least as much information as we can imagine. With advances in AI, and their potential improvements to come, I believe that informing students and educators on best practices and using it as an opportunity for a teaching moment is required. Our world is constantly changing, and this requires everyone to adapt alongside it.


Data was harvested from the EDUC-5105 discussion Cape Breton University.

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